Friday, February 1, 2013

Huawei Australia chief eyes bidding on other broadband contracts

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Chinese telecom equipment firm Huawei Technologies Co Ltd Australia Chairman John Lord said on Sunday that there are still parts of Australia's $38 billion national broadband...

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Importance Of Getting Covers For Cars

The wraps are mainly aimed at protecting your vehicle when they are outdoors. However, autos stored indoors need protection also. For indoor protection, you have to purchase a special type that is manufactured from soft materials.

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Argentina decides to control oil firm YPF: report

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Argentina's government has made the decision to take control of leading energy company YPF and is discussing whether to renationalize it or intervene in its administration, a...

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Bristol scientists discover the key to type 2 diabetes in obese people

Bristol scientists have discovered how obesity leads to type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.
The team from Bristol University has identified how the loss or mutation of a particular molecule can lead to severe obesity and diabetes.
Funded by the British Heart Foundation, the research could lead to treatments for conditions that are linked to obesity and potentially save thousands of lives.
The molecule is critical factor in the brain's regulation of body weight, the Bristol scientists found.
Dr Nina Balthasar, one of the study's lead authors and a researcher in the university's School of Physiology and Pharmacology, said: "Obesity is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease with recent statistics showing that obese adults are three to four times more likely to develop high blood pressure. 
"In order to curb the escalating incidence of obesity and obesity-related diseases, a primary prevention goal must be to understand the physiological processes underlying our vulnerability to weight gain — knowledge that is central to the development of novel, effective therapies."
Dr Shannon Amoils, research advisor at the British Heart Foundation, which part-funded the study, added: "This research  increases our understanding of how the nervous system affects our metabolism, and the development of high blood pressure due to obesity.
"With further knowledge of this complex area we hope scientists will be able to find safe and effective ways of treating obesity-related heart and circulatory disorders."
The research has been published in the journal Cell.

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Communication in Early Childhood - What to Watch For

There is no perfect mathematical answer for when a child should begin speaking. Each child is unique and will develop according to his or her own individual schedule, but there are some 'pre-linguistic' behaviors that nearly all children share that can indicate that the time for speech is drawing close.

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Netbot, One Of The Great Apps For iOS, Is Now Free

Tapbots announced Wednesday that Netbot, their client for iPhone and iPad, is now free "for an unspecified period of time."

The Tapbots post announcing the Netbot sale says it's "[I]n order to spur adoption of App.Net."

Netbot was born out of Tapbots' beloved Twitter client, Tweetbot, and anyone who uses that app will quickly get used to Netbot. For those who haven't used Tweetbot, just trust that Tapbots is a top-shelf iOS shop and makes apps that feel good and make sense. If you've wanted to try out, this is the app with which to do it.

In fact, it was when Tapbots announced their client that much of the tech world started to take seriously. is betting that a paid-for social infrastructure will give rise to a vast field of great apps that have sustainable businesses. That plan needs buy-in from big-name developers.

When Tapbots joined the service, things got interesting. The app caused a huge spike in attention when it first appeared for $4.99. But's adoption hasn't been as swift as the Tapbots duo, programmer Paul Haddad and designer Mark Jardine, had hoped.

But announced this week that paid users will now get 10GB of cloud storage behind their accounts, which app developers can put to any use they can dream up. Not only does that mean more powerful applications can be built, it means that now can build the same kind of freemium revenue model as services like Dropbox and Evernote use. If paying for the service gets you the storage space, can give away the Twitter-like messaging features for free.

Paid-only adoption of hasn't lived up to these bigtime developers' expectations. But if the service becomes free for messaging-only users, that could easily change.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Baby Outfits - General Shopping Guide for New Moms

As a new mother, it may prove to be a challenge choosing the best baby outfits for your newborn. However, with the simple steps outlined in this guide, you are sure to find the best and safest newborn clothing available on the market today.

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